We are pleased to offer the following consultancy and design services, available as a complete design system or as individual elements on their own. Our professional team of expert designers and technicians offer consulting services that are performed using all or portions of a five phase comprehensive design and implementation process.


Green Curves work process:

Phase 1

  1. Initial conference/meeting

  2. Holistic context survey/client questioner

  3. Boundary reference/ Legal title boundaries 


Phase 2​

  1. Site visit

  2. Site survey, observations and analysis 

  3. Soil analysis using chromatography.

  4. Recommended suggestions, accompanied by initial sketches and basic illustrations ( digital )


Phase 3​

  1. Applying the first six stages of the Keyline-scale -of-permanence

  2. Concept plan

  3. Revisions


Phase 4​

  1. Applying the remaining stages of the keyline-scale-of-permanence

  2. Concept plan

  3. Revisions


Phase 5​

  1. Implementation

  2. Follow up


Calculations, mapping solutions, site assessments and master planning can include one or more of the following:  GPS/GIS, Sketchup animation, CAD drawings, drone surveys, drone camera pictures and videos (aerials) and hand illustrations. 

How long does it take to get a the Green Curves master plan / design completed ?

Generally, master planning and design work that includes concept plans and a full narrative report takes about 2 calendar months. The duration may change based on the size of the property and the goals of the client. Our normal work pattern includes sending 'work-in-progress' to generate client feedback and promote a clear, work transparency procedure during the design process.


For more information or questions how we can be of service to you, please contact us by sending an email to info (@) green curves (dot) org or by filling in the contact form below. 

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