Mutually beneficial integration of humans and ecosystems through regenerative landscape planning and design

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We are privileged and proud to be part of small but growing number of people who are recognised internationally for their excellence in regenerative landscape management and design. This excellence is attributed to the simple fact that what is being advocated works, both ecologically and economically. Only when we recognise that a healthy functioning ecology is necessary to sustain any, and all economic activities will adopt a regenerative approach to how we manage landscapes.

A multifaceted approach to landscape design is at the cutting edge of this methodology, one that recognises that a dynamic design ethos is what develops the highest levels of success and potential from a land-based enterprise. At Green Curves we embrace this ideal, integrating the many tools and planning frameworks that are available to us, with significant emphasis on Keyline design, Permaculture, and Holistic management.

Additionally, concepts and techniques from regenerative agriculture, the complex sciences of biology and ecology, and organic horticulture support us in our objective as we weave together integrated systems and elements within our designs. In this way, we design from patterns to details. Patterns which are present within a landscapes topography evident through the application of the keyline land planning process and the details which are interwoven into this existing framework using Permaculture.

Complex biological systems that work evolve from simple ones that work, understanding and applying this model to landscape design is a form of bio-mimicry and utilised by us as a team of consultants, educators and designers to its fullest potential as we co-create our work with our clients.


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